In order to protect and preserve as much dental substance as possible(minimal preparation) we use special magnifying glasses for every treatment.

Aesthetic full ceramic-restorations
From small defects (full ceramic inlays and veneers) to largely damaged teeth (full ceramic partial crowns) or missing teeth (full ceramic bridges)
Aesthetic composite restorations (Dental Bonding)
Aesthetic reconstruction of chipped or cracked teeth, of displaced teeth or of uncovered root dentin by directly applying composite materials
Aesthetic implant restorations
Reconstruction of one or more missing teeth with implants and the appropriate prosthodontic treatment
Conventional aesthetic treatment with partial and full dentures
For the replacement of missing teeth or functional rehabilitation of the edentulous patient
Prophylactic treatments and Prevention
Professional tooth cleaning and recommendations for home care,
Regular check-ups to prevent early decay
Maxillo-facial consultation and planning
Extractions, root tip resections, implants
Treatment of periodontic diseases
Root canal treatment
Safe and effective procedure for lightening discoloured teeth
Early adaption to regular dental examinations and oral hygiene